Monday, April 23, 2012

Needing a Place to Vent

Yes, this is my blog.  No, I do not visit all that often.  I am sure the cyber world is uninterested.  But really I simply have a question for cyber world.  At what point do you stop putting more $ into a car than it is worth?  I know... car that runs with no car payment, priceless.  But this is an OLD car.  Not many miles, but all the seals are beginning to fail.  In the last month we have now put $2000 into it.  I'm thinking $2000.... good down payment.  My husband is thinking.... totally worth it to keep the old gal running.

Can we afford to his dream replacement car right now?  No.  Kelly blue book is currently $1000.  Am I way off base?  Am I missing the entire point?

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